Educators Governance


The Company is governed by its Ordinances. It is managed by a Court of Assistants under the chairmanship of the Master. The Court has already established sub-committees to concentrate on specific activities and the charity trustees meet as required to manage the growth and disbursement of the Trust Fund. The Ordinances provide for a membership of Liverymen, Freemen and Honorary members. All members wear a plain black academic gown with Liverymen wearing a pin to distinguish themselves..

The Company provides its Freemen and Liverymen (a dual-gender term) with a regular journal, emails and Tweets giving details of its activities and social programme.


Master, Warden & Court Members June 2019.  Photography by Max Weaver


Along with every other organisation the company has reviewed its data protection policy. Educators Privacy Policy


To raise public awareness of the charitable endeavour performed by the education profession and related industries.

To promote, administer, co-ordinate and contribute to any charitable organisation or funds whose objects are to further educational development.

To promote and uphold the established traditions of the education profession including the encouragement and promotion of, and support for, its standards of excellence, integrity and honourable practice.

To administer benevolence to any deserving members, former members or immediate family of the members of the Company, at the discretion of the Court.

To acknowledge such persons or organisations whom the Company deems to have promoted educational development by presenting an award at a suitable annual ceremony.

To create and accumulate funds for the benefit of members of the profession and apply the same to advance the interests of the Company, the profession and its members, and the subject of education, and to award scholarships and prizes and to support research in connection therewith, and for any related charitable objects.

To purchase or take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire and maintain a hall, institute, library, museum or other building or premises and any real or personal property within the City of London for the furtherance of aims of the Company.

To accept any real or personal property for the above purposes.

To effect any insurance policies, bonds and loans.

To create a Charitable Trust when the Court of Assistants shall deem it appropriate to do so.

To apply, when the Court of Assistants shall deem it appropriate, to the Court of the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London for a Grant of Livery and, if further deemed appropriate thereafter, to apply to Her Majesty in Council for a Charter of Incorporation.

To all things incidental or conducive to the objects aforesaid or any of them including the making of rules and procedures.


Copies of accounts from the last three years can be obtained on request from the Clerk. The most recent Financial Statements for the Company are those examined and approved by Court  for the last Quarter in January, April, June and September each year.

Formal Activities

The Company aims to carry out its Purpose and Objectives through a range of activities, many of which are described in more detail elsewhere on this website.

Four statutory meetings are held each year (normally June, September, December and April), with a Court only supper in January.

The Annual Franklin Lecture and Reception used to be held in the Autumn but is now  held in the Spring of 2018.

An Annual Service is held in the Autumn and the Company often  joins with another Livery for a Carol service in December.

The ongoing work of the Company is organised by a range of Committees reporting to the Court. These are the Finance and General Purposes Committee, Education Committee, Membership Committee, Social Committee and Engagement Committee.

The Company has established its own charity, The Educators Trust Fund with a separate Board of Trustees.

The Company organises, under the auspices of the Master, an annual seminar series on a theme of current educational importance; it organises evening discussion meetings on educational topics; it organises an annual public-speaking competition for schools; and it undertakes the administration of Livery Schools Link.

Social events are organised for the Fellowship on a regular basis.

Members are kept in touch with the activities of the Company through e-mail, Twitter and “The Educator” journal, as well as through this website.


The Company handbook includes matters of governance, by-laws, Financial Regulations, Procedures, Protocols and an explanation of the Coat of Arms.  The Handbook can be found here: here