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The Educators Trust Awards Programme

One of the original purposes of the medieval guilds, the precursors of livery Companies, was for charity, funded by members giving what they could.  This ancient tradition continues today in all the 110 Companies of the City of London.  Together they donate £40 million to charities each year.

The Worshipful Company of Educators is no exception.  Charitable activity is at the heart of our values.  We are dedicated to support the profession of educator that is all those professionals who contribute to creating a stimulating, diverse and supportive environment in which people learn and enrich their lives. We celebrate outstanding innovation and excellence in educational practice primarily through awards and bursaries to individual educators

The Company set up the Educators’ Trust to fund an awards programme and a Board of Trustees to manage its charitable funds and develop its charitable activities.  The Trust receives no grants from government and is funded by the generous donations and legacies of Freemen and Liverymen of the Company and from other individuals and organisations which share its belief in the transformative power of education.

Currently the Trust has 27 awards – prizes and bursaries – which it confers on professional educators every year who may be in full-time or part-time employment or self-employed. The awards include all levels of education – from early years to research institutes – and all settings in which learning takes place – from educational institutions to art galleries, theatres, outdoors and community spaces. Some are dedicated to particular fields of education, such as art, military education, business and performing arts. 

In addition, every year the Trustees choose a theme for a competitive award, ‘The Inspirational Educator Award’ for which there are eight winning places. Themes have included ICT in Teaching and Learning, Special Needs and Disability, prison education, hospital education, teaching Shakespeare, environmental education and music education.  We also fund awards in partnership with other organisations, for example for vocational education with City and Guilds and prison education with the Prisoners’ Education Trust.

The winners are celebrated at a glittering annual awards dinner around Eastertime in a splendid City livery hall where they are presented with an inscribed crystal plaque, a certificate, a cheque to the value of their prize or bursary, and a souvenir booklet containing citations for every winner. It is a joyful evening!

Short biographies of our winners can be found under the section ‘Our Winners’.

We work closely with mainstream educational establishments and educational charities for nominations for our awards.  We do not accept requests for financial support for general projects or for educational organisations. 

Our Grant Scheme

The Trust also has a Professional Development Grants scheme to which any practising educator may apply on their own behalf, without nomination, for assistance in funding activities which increase their effectiveness, proficiency or creativity and contribute to education more generally.

Last year five grants supported diverse areas of professional development.  Successful applicants attended: choreographic development for performance with students at Durham Cathedral; an online bereavement training course for student welfare support; training in diversity & inclusion issues in the creative sector; a professional food training course to enhance work as lecturer in hospitality; drawing and a talking therapy course for working with disadvantaged children.

Recipients had this to say about their experience:

The grant was such a boost for me and gave me a spur to keep going against all the odds.

Throughout the entire process, I have felt supported by the WCE Trust, by your attentive assistance and regularly checking-in. I have always felt that I could reach out to you if I did require anything specific regarding the grant.

I am privileged to have receive a grant from you to enable me make a difference to the lives of younger ones and support them in becoming a better version of themselves.

We are intending to expand this area of our charitable work.

Further information about the Grant Scheme will be given shortly

Our Award Winners

Our Trustees