One of the original benefits of belonging to a Livery Company was the support of peers and provision of charity to those in need. This meant professional camaraderie and financial assistance for widows and orphans or those who could no longer work. Traditionally Freedom of a Livery is by Patrimony, Servitude, or Redemption. Click here for more information.This tradition continues to this day with minor variations to reflect the age of the company. Check out our Trust Fund pages for our charity work and the links elsewhere to find out more about what we do.Other benefits of membership.

Membership of the Company is open to educators at all disciplines and levels as well as those with a genuine interest in education. There are three categories of membership listed below – click on the category to find out more and access an application form :

Freeman – 1st category of membership  after application, discussion with membership committee and attending one event.

Liveryman – on application after 1 year as Freeman and with Freedom of the City of London

Honorary Member– by invitation only