A message from the Master Educator and the Wardens 

19 March 2020

Dear Members of Court, Liverymen and Freemen,

In these times of  lock-down, self-isolation, closures, postponements and quarantine, I feel that electronic communication must be seen as something of a lifeline for keeping us all connected – and connection is surely vital. I should be delighted to receive any message from you, on whatever subject. After the wonderful ‘Master’s Progress’ in Stratford-upon-Avon last weekend, I fear that the Master will – like most of us, I suspect – not be progressing much further than the short-haul journey from armchair to computer in the coming days. So: here is a brief summary of where we are at present.

As I am sure you would expect, the Company’s policy with regard to the declared pandemic has been to follow guidance and advice from Public Health England on the appropriate course of action to take for our various planned activities and events, and including the day-to-day operating of the Company office.  The fact that the UK has now moved to a far more restrictive regime of control measures, with ‘social distancing’ and the ‘encouraged’ self-isolation of those over 70, together with curtailment of travel unless absolutely necessary, means that we must, very regrettably, reschedule (if possible) or cancel activities planned during April and May and possibly into June and July as well.

To that end we are putting the following contingencies into place, with immediate effect…

  • The office is capable of functioning with the Clerk working remotely, so disruption to the day-to-day administration of the Company should be minimal.  If anybody needs to contact the office, the best and preferred form of communication is by email.  The Clerk will work from home but attend the Office once a week, to collect mail and carry out banking. Also the Clerk works for the Company 4 days each week so sometimes response may be a little longer than on other times
  • After discussion with the Wardens and following Public Health England advice regarding COVID-19, we regret to inform you that we have postponed the Public Speaking Competition on 23rd March and Seminar 5 at ARUL on 27th April. The Election and Awards Dinner (April 24th) is postponed, subject to Government, advice. We will notify you all of any updates as soon as possible and the Company website will also have the latest updates on the front page.
  • The Clerk will be available, in normal working hours, by email clerk@co-educators.com or Social media (where applicable) for any issues or concerns you may have. The Master will be kept updated of all such issues, by the Clerk.
  • The Clerk will send out regular bulletins regarding City of London/Mayoral policies, as events move forward, to keep you updated.

On a positive note, as soon as this current crisis is over, we will endeavour to reinstate events, as quickly as possible. Be assured the work of the Company will continue and the Trust Fund will carry on with financial support for its charities, and links with the Education and other Liveries will be maintained.

I trust you understand the need for such contingencies as I am keen to show the Educators are showing full co-operation with local, City of London, and National policies.

Look after yourselves!

Best wishes,

Pamela Taylor: Master Educator.


25 February 2020

The 2020 Educator Trust Awards have been announced.  Congratulations to all Award and Bursary winners.

The Worshipful Company of Educators is the 109th Livery Company to be granted this status by the City of London. It was founded in 2001 within the philanthropic tradition of the City of London livery companies. It provides a forum through meetings and social occasions to bring together members from all parts of the education world to discuss and exchange views on matters of topical interest. The Company also operates a charitable fund to support individuals and projects that develop the process of learning and its management, encouraging and rewarding those individuals through appropriate grants, awards and medals.

In pursuit of these aims, the Company is inclusive in its membership and activities, transcending the traditional boundaries between the different sectors, and particularly between academe and business insofar as the latter concerns itself with education, training, and development. It believes that it is unique in providing this cross-sector forum. Furthermore, “Education” is lifelong learning – from cradle to grave – a dynamic process needing investment of money, time, energy and enthusiasm.

Please browse our pages and if you wish to contact us do so using the details on the contact page.

The majority of photos on this site are courtesy of Niki Gorick and Past Master  Max Weaver

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