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                                                                                                                                         29th May 2020

Dear Members,

When I am told that it is now nine weeks since the start of lockdown, I can’t decide whether this exceptional period seems much longer or much shorter than that. In one sense, it is easy to feel as if it has gone on for ever; on the other hand, in some ways it has absolutely flown by, paradoxically!

Nevertheless, I have indeed attended two Zoom meetings for the Company this week.  On Monday, a group had a most useful discussion on online learning and yesterday evening we had the opening meeting of SIGSIL (the Special Interest Group on School Improvement and Leadership), which had 36 people who joined. It is very encouraging to have witnessed the birth of a new SIG, and it did achieve at least one of its key objectives in attracting a number of our newer members and others who have not been regulars at our events. One of these wrote: “I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and the lively debate that followed. It is testament to the will of the people involved in the group that the overall message was so positive. I would very much like the opportunity to attend other meetings, if the opportunity arises. Thank you again for a very thought-provoking evening.”

One conclusion I feel confident that I can safely draw from attending these meetings is that the big issues around the nature and purpose of education and methods of teaching and learning have forced their way into the attention of many who would, in other times, have scarcely given them a thought. This is, surely, an exciting opportunity for us as Educators. I certainly feel more and more convinced how much our membership has to offer, having heard so many distinguished contributions over the past few days. We must not hide our light under a bushel.

Stay safe and well

Pamela Taylor: –

Master Educator.


Helpful information

  • If anybody needs to contact the Clerk, who is working from home, the best and preferred form of communication is by email. As the Clerk works for the Company 4 days each week, sometimes responses may take a little longer than at other times. Please email clerk@co-educators.com or use Social media (where applicable) for any issues or concerns you may have.
  • The Company Chaplain, the Reverend Mark Perry, and the Almoner, Geoffrey Edwards, have both kindly agreed to offer pastoral support to members who would like to contact them. Mark can be contacted at chaplain@co-educators.com . Geoffrey can be contacted through the Clerk.

Future dates for your diary

  • School Improvement and Leadership (SIGSIL)

You are all invited to take part in the online meeting which will take place on Wednesday 27th May at 6.30 pm on the topic ‘How do school leaders make a positive difference to education?’ The title has been slightly modified to reflect the current situation, so that the meeting may explore the impact of good leadership during lockdown. Please let the Clerk know on clerk@co-educators.com if you wish to attend.

  • 2 June: Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG)further details to follow.
  • 3 June: Online musical evening organised by the Social Committee (6.00-7.30 pm). Any musical contributions (live or recorded, length 3-5 minutes) would be much appreciated. Please contact renterwarden@co-educators.com if you would like to take part or attend.
  • Master’s Seminar 6 : Monday 8 June at 6pm – 7.30pm. The final online discussion in this series on ‘Education for Life’ is to be led by a panel of experts from across educational sectors, picking up major issues from the series. If you are interested in attending, please contact seminarsecretary@co-educators.com
  • Could you please email the Clerk on clerk@co-educators.com to let him know if you are interested in any particular Special Interest Groups (SIGs) When there are online meetings planned, he can add you to each one.  For example: ‘Please add me to the SIG SEND and SIG Military Groups Channels on Teams’. You can then be assigned to your nominated group or groups in case they arrange an online seminar.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Military Education

Arts and Cultural Education

Higher Education

Further Education

School Improvement and Leadership

Outdoor Education

Education in the Criminal Justice System (discussion group)

The Master, Wardens and Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Educators unite in wishing you and your families all the best of health, safety and happiness. Look after yourselves and stay safe!

Pamela Taylor: Master Educator.


The Worshipful Company of Educators is the 109th Livery Company to be granted this status by the City of London. It was founded in 2001 within the philanthropic tradition of the City of London livery companies. It provides a forum through meetings and social occasions to bring together members from all parts of the education world to discuss and exchange views on matters of topical interest. The Company also operates a charitable fund to support individuals and projects that develop the process of learning and its management, encouraging and rewarding those individuals through appropriate grants, awards and medals.

In pursuit of these aims, the Company is inclusive in its membership and activities, transcending the traditional boundaries between the different sectors, and particularly between academe and business insofar as the latter concerns itself with education, training, and development. It believes that it is unique in providing this cross-sector forum. Furthermore, “Education” is lifelong learning – from cradle to grave – a dynamic process needing investment of money, time, energy and enthusiasm.

Please browse our pages and if you wish to contact us do so using the details on the contact page.

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