Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

In 2017 the Engagement Committee introduced a protocol for the formation of Special Interest Groups and this has taken off in 2018 with groups thus covering Higher Education, Special Educational Needs, Military Education and Arts and Cultural Education. A group interested in Further Education is on its way.

 Protocol for Special Interest Groups

  1. It is open to any Liveryman or Freeman to propose the establishment of a Special Interest Group (SIG).
  2. The formation of the SIG and its particular area of interest must be approved by the Court on the recommendation of the Education Committee or the Social Committee or the Engagement Committee.
  3. Membership of the SIG is open to any Liveryman or Freeman of the Company.
  4. The SIG will organise and manage its own programme of activities. These must be self-financing and proper accounts should be maintained.
  5. The activities of the SIG and its members must accord with the values and aims of the Company. The members and/or activities of the SIG must do nothing to harm the Company’s standing or bring it into disrepute.
  6. The SIG must not purport to speak on behalf of the Company or to represent the views of the Company.
  7. The SIG must not represent or promote any particular political, ideological or faith viewpoint.
  8. Where the Court considers that the operation of the SIG is inimical to the  values and aims of the Company, or has the potential to be so, the Court may require the dissolution of the SIG. Where the Education Committee or the Social Committee or the Engagement Committee has particular concerns about a SIG it may recommend to the Court that the SIG be dissolved.
  9. Activities of the SIG may be announced and reported on the Company website, by email, via social media and in ‘The Educator’.
  10. The SIG will appoint a Secretary for the purposes of communicating with members of the Company and reporting to the Court.
  11. The instigator of the SIG will be the Chair, unless otherwise agreed by the SIG, such appointment to be approved by the Court.
  12. The SIG will produce reports on its activities as requested by the Engagement Committee, and annually for the Court.


19 June 2017