Military (SIGMILT)

Military education – Chair: Simon Denny – contact via

This SIG is new and has 17 members. Their first meeting will take place on Monday 16 July, from 1200 – 1600hrs, at the University of Northampton’s Innovation Centre, Green Street, Northampton.

The aims of the SIG are:

To support and promote the value and practice of education within the wider military community. The SIGME will do this through a range of activities including disseminating knowledge and understanding of the field, celebrating outstanding achievement, and providing advice and resources where appropriate. The SIGME will take a robust, evidence-based approach to its activities that will be attractive to members of the military education community, to non-military educators, and policy makers. The SIG will hold events to promote and celebrate best practice in the field of Military Education that will involve both Company members and external experts. In addition, there is an opportunity to learn lessons from the Military educators that could be of benefit to the wider, non-military, communities the Company is interested in.

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SIGMILT – Special Interest Group – Military
Thursday 18 July at Northampton University, Innovation Centre

Liveryman James Crabbe gave a presentation on /askit/ a thinking skills pedagogy. Available here