Higher Education (SIGHE)

The SIG Higher Education (SIGHE) concerns itself with Higher Education, Higher Education policy, research, and research training. Topics of interest include educational methods and concepts for universities, training of doctoral students, training of skills relevant for higher education; mentoring and career development of junior academics.
The SIG has over thirty members who are communicating via the SIGHE mailing list. From time to time, it plans and hold physical meetings and it works currently on two projects (see below).

The first meeting of SIGHE was an informal preliminary discussion held on 3 November 2017 at Christ’s College, Cambridge (hosted by Benedikt Loewe). The follow-up meeting was hosted by David Palfreyman at New College Oxford on 20 January 2018 and resulted in the definition of the two SIGHE projects.

PROJECT 1: The educator’s role in Higher Education: What distinguishes it from other educational sectors?

Coordinators: Liverymen Max Weaver & James Crabbe.

Planned output: Collection of brief articles with various viewpoints, edited by Weaver, to be published online as an OxCHEPS Occasional Paper. This might include a shortened version of David Palfreyman’s paper on Higher Education (“What is higher about higher education?”).

PROJECT 2: Governance in Higher Education: How can it take the specific Higher Education situation into account?

Coordinator: Liveryman Alice Hynes.

Comment: This project will build on project 1 and will start once project 1 has generated some output.

Higher Education (H.E.) – Chair: Benedikt Loewe – contact viasighe@co-educators.com