Higher Education (SIG HE)


This SIG concerns itself with Higher Education, including Higher Education policy and governance, research, and research training. Topics of interest include educational methods and concepts for universities, training of doctoral students, training of skills relevant for higher education; mentoring and career development of junior academics, governance and change. For more detail contact the SIG Lead.


Open to all in the Company with an interest or expertise to offer, and external specialists by invitation; presently having about 30 members. It holds meetings/ discussion sessions physically and online. It has an active mailing list where members discuss matters by e-mail and its own. Website: http://sighe.uk.

SIG LEAD: Dr Benedikt Löewe    sighe@co-educators.com

If you are interested in joining this SIG or receiving more information about it, please contact the SIG Lead above or the SIG Co-ordinator sigscoordinator@co-educators.com


See Company Calendar  for activities for activities in the current year. Further Zoom meetings are being planned for 2022.


11 December 2020 – The group had a pre Christmas discussion session via Zoom entitled Trng with reflections from a number of Educator speakers. This was interspersed with questions and discussion provoked by the experiences shared.

2 June 2020 – The group organised a Zoom meeting entitled Transitioning to online teaching without prior warning with reflections from seven speakers, including two external to the Company.

3 June 2019With the Committee for the Defence of British Universities The group held a debate on The Future Role of the Educator in Higher Education” at UCL with perspectives from policy makers, senior academics and administrators in the wake of the Augar review of Higher and Further Education.


Project 1

The educator’s role in Higher Education: What distinguishes it from other educational sectors?
Coordinators: Liverymen Max Weaver & James Crabbe
Output: M. James C. Crabbe, Benedikt Löwe, Max Weaver
The educator’s role in Higher Education: position papers from a project of the Special Interest Group Higher Education of the Worshipful Company of Educators  OxCHEPS Occasional Paper No. 69

 Occasional Paper No. 69, 2018.

Project 2

Governance in Higher Education: How can it take the specific Higher Education situation into account?
Coordinator: Liveryman Alice Hynes.


Website: http://sighe.uk.