Members Publications

Below is a selection of books by current Freemen and Liverymen. The list is in alphabetical order.

Liveryman Martin Collins – London from the Top of a Bus Its history, architecture and much more…

Liveryman Martin Collins – Urban Ecology A teacher’s resource book’, Cambridge University 

Liveryman James Crabbe & Ali Hadawi – Further Education: A New Mission

Liveryman James Crabbe – Dimming the sun could save corals from bleaching and hurricanes

Liveryman Heather Eggins, Editor – The Changing Role of Women in Higher Education

Liveryman, Richard Goddard –  The Heraldry of the Livery Companies of the City of London

Freeman, David Palfreyman (&  Paul Temple) – Universities and Colleges: A very short introduction
Freeman, David Palfreyman  –London’s Livery Companies (2010, Oracle); London’s Inns of Court (2011, Oracle); London’s Pall Mall Clubs (Oracle 2018).

Liveryman, Fergal Roche – Mining for Gold: Stories of Effective Teachers 

Liveryman, Kathleen Sherit – Women on the Front Line: British Servicewomen’s Path to Combat

Hon Liveryman, Sir John Stuttard – Whittington to World Financial Centres

Liveryman, Jonathan Swan – Law and War: magistrates in the Great War, published by Pen & Sword

Freeman Hubert Pragnell – Industrial Britain published by Batsford ISBN number 9781849946131