School Improvement and Leadership (SIG SIL)


Looks at ways to improve performance of schools and their leadership and governance, and draws on those with professional interest/ experience in various educational sectors and roles such as principals, heads/deputies, governors, inspectors, advisors or consultants in public, private or academy-based schools and all age ranges. For more details contact one of the SIG Leads.


Open to all in the Company with an interest or expertise to offer in school leadership & management, and external specialists by invitation. Presently there is a SIG mailing list of some 70, including some from outside the Company, which serves as an active forum for discussion.  It holds meetings/ discussion sessions online via zoom and it is intended that it meet physically in due course.  

SIG LEADS: Susan Cousin/Alan Yellup

If you are interested in joining this SIG or receiving more information about it, please contact the SIG Lead above or the SIG Co-ordinator


See Company Calendar  for SIG activities in the current year and further Zoom meetings being planned for 2022.


Monday 24 January 2022

The findings on the Times Education Commission Report with Sir Anthony Seldon

Launched in June 2021, the Times Education Commission was set up to examine the future of education in light of the Covid-19 crisis, declining social mobility, new technology and the changing nature of work. The interim report is due out in January 2022.

Sir Anthony Seldon, one of the commissioners shared with SIGSIL members and guests the findings of the report and its implications for school leadership and improvement. 

22 November 2021

We were delighted to welcome Sir Tim Brighouse to share with us the messages from then-to-be-published book about leadership of the education sector and a new paradigm for school improvement.

‘About our schools; improving on previous best’ by Sir Tim Brighouse and Professor Mick Water was published in December 2021. It is based on their lifetime experience of being involved with schools and school improvement- each was a CEO of a city Local Authority after holding positions within schools. Their book is based on interviews with more than a dozen Secretaries of State, half a dozen HMCIs and Permanent Secretaries, together with dozens of others – CEOs of MATs, Headteachers, Teachers, Parents, Special Advisers and spokespeople for Business. Tim will set out ideas for a what he calls a ‘New Age of Hope, Ambition and Collaborative Partnerships’.

8 June 2021 – In seeking a more equitable educational system for a post-pandemic world, Susan Cousin introduced Dr Helen Wright, author and former Headteacher whose presentation, ‘The answer to social mobility is global education’, explored how global education increased the range of opportunities available for social mobility. Subsequently, Helen Knights and Nina Sharma from the National Governance Association spoke about the NGA’s Framework for Ethical Leadership in Education. First published in 2019 and based on the Nolan Principles for Public Life, this highlighted seven virtues that should ideally underpin the governance of all educational institutions.

16 November 2020 – The Group considered presentations entitled ‘Working with Schools to Secure Improvement’ from Paula Kennedy, Compass School about a mentoring system and Susan Cousin about her research on different interventions and leadership styles used to achieve improvement in difficult circumstances.

13 July 2020 – The Group considered a “mock” report on an imaginary school and 5 volunteers took on the roles of key player who would have to address matters, by examining the issues raised. This was followed by a general discussion session. The event was organised via Zoom and recorded.

27 May 2020 – The Group was launched via zoom session with a panel discussion on How do school leaders make a positive difference to education? The debate was stimulated by presentations from Susan Cousin and Alan Yellup – How do we create and measure improvement in schools? Role of heads and role of those working with schools.


Material such as reports and information about group activities available from SIG Leads on request. The SIG SIL events have mainly been via Zoom and recorded. Please contact the Clerk on for access.


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