Company History

In the early 1990s it was recognised that, while all Livery Companies were concerned with education and training within their trades or professions and often beyond, none was concerned with the profession of education and training itself. An initiative to set up such a Livery Company was supported by the College of Preceptors (as it then was) and pursued by Keith Lawrey as Honorary Clerk. Registration was sought from the Corporation of London in 1997, with the support of Professor Raoul Franklin CBE (then Vice-Chancellor of City University) as the Foundation Master-Designate, and Mrs Judith G Osborne as Upper Warden. That registration was granted in 2000 and the Guild of Educators was founded on 24 May 2001 with a Court of Assistants comprising a number of leaders in the various sectors of the education profession. The Guild was kindly accommodated by London Guildhall University, and its first sponsoring Alderman was Sir Christopher Walford, a former Lord Mayor of the City of London, who was succeeded as Sponsoring Alderman by (now Sir) John Stuttard.

Becoming a Guild is the first part of a three-stage process that can lead to becoming a full Livery Company. The timescale depends on the growth of the Guild and its charitable fund. The second stage is to become a Company without Livery, which was achieved in September 2009, and the final stage is full Livery Company status with both Freemen and Liverymen, which was achieved in Autumn 2013.

The Inaugural Annual Lecture (now entitled the Franklin Lecture in honour of the Foundation Master) was presented at London Guildhall University (as it then was) in November 2001. On this occasion, the Master wore for the first time the splendid robe which he had presented to the Guild. The first Election Dinner was held at the Women’s Library at London Guildhall University in February 2002 and, prior to the dinner, the first ceremony of Admission to the Freedom took place when Sir Christopher’s successor, Alderman John Stuttard, admitted Professor Franklin to the Freedom and the Master then admitted Alderman Stuttard. In addition twenty-five other candidates were admitted including John Holland CBE, DL (sometime Chief Commoner) as the first Honorary Freeman, in gratitude for the advice and support he gave during the formation period.

In 2002, the Worshipful Company of Bakers kindly offered to become the Guild’s mentor and from then to 2009 the Guild held its statutory meetings at Bakers’ Hall.

In 2003, the badges for the Master and Wardens were designed and manufactured.

In 2004, the Guild undertook the administration of Livery Schools Link (formerly the Association of Schools Working Party of Logvec) which seeks to support schools in the boroughs adjacent to the City of London.

Also in 2004, the Guild of Educators’ Trust Fund was registered with the Charity Commission and has built up its capital fund beyond the level required to attain Livery status.  It changed its name to The Educators’ Trust.

In 2004, too, the Guild introduced evening discussion meetings in London on matters of interest to educators. In 2005, a series of Breakfast seminars was started on topical education matters to which leaders of the education world were invited.  Over the years, these seminars gradually moved to the evening and are generally held at Anglia Ruskin University, London, as the Master’s Seminars.

In 2009, the Guild successfully petitioned for company status and became the Company of Educators, a company without livery. Bakers’ Hall having become too small for the growing Company, statutory meetings moved to Vintners’ Hall for a short period, before moving to Painters’ Hall, adjacent to the Company Office, in Little Trinity Lane.

In 2013, under the Mastership of Sir John Stuttard, the Company successfully petitioned for Livery status and became the Worshipful Company of Educators.

In 2014,  a grand banquet to celebrate the Company’s Livery status as No 109 in the order of precedence was held at Mansion House in February.

In 2017 The Royal Charter was granted.

In 2018 a banquet to celebrate receipt of the Charter, attended by three Lord Mayors who are also Liverymen of the Company, was held at Mansion House on 28 November 2018.