Informal and Outdoor Education (SIG IOE)


We are looking at areas of education that, despite being of significant developmental value, are often overlooked in traditional educational settings. Our brief covers any form of learning that would not usually result in a formal qualification. Thus expeditions, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, organisations as well as trips and informal visits are our focus of attention. In order to further the impact of this complementary version of learning, we are developing summaries of impact as well as a list of ‘expert witnesses’ who can support the integration of IOE into mainstream educational decision making. For more detail contact the SIG Lead.


Open to all in the Company with an interest or expertise to offer, and external specialists by invitation. Launched in Spring 2020, it holds meeting via Teams and Zoom. We are focusing on events that examine and uncover the many exciting and different ways, IOE can be expressed and its impact on the outcomes of the people for whom mainstream, formal education, can fail to embrace. Suggested activities include a ‘sample day at The Scouts’ Headquarters, a walk in the Peaks and an exploration of London’s open spaces including Epping Forest. Members of the group hope to meet socially, most likely in the City when circumstances allow.

SIG LEAD: Paul Batterbury

If you are interested in joining this SIG or receiving more information about it, please contact the SIG Lead above or the SIG Co-ordinator (


See Company Calendar  for activities for activities in the current year. Further Zoom meetings are being planned for 2021.


2 October 2020 – The group heard‘How the experience impacts the Learner’ from a panel with young people who have benefited from IOE through the British Exploring Society.

24 September 2020 – The group was given a presentation from Matt Hyde CEO of The Scouting Association, followed by a lively discussion and question session.

2 July 2020 – The group heard from a panel offering the view of three SIG members Helen Simon, Honor Wilson-Fletcher, Phil Humphreys involved in distinct areas of IOE: SEND; Field Trips; Expeditions.

13 May 2020 – The area of interest was first launched through an inaugural discussion about its purposes and activities.


The SIG IOE has a clear five year plan as well as a set of agreed objectives. For further details, and other resources generated by the SIG, please contact the SIG IOE Lead, Paul Batterbury.

  1. Have a planned series of meetings and events, both virtual and real, through which Educators can explore and develop their interest
  2. Provide a gazetteer of colleagues with expertise, experience and interest in IOE
  3. Provide opportunities for the wider Educator community to learn more about IOE
  4. Present a summary of the evidence demonstrating the benefits of IOE

The SIG IOE events have mainly been via Zoom and a number have been recorded. Please contact the Clerk on for access.


To be completed as SIG develops.