Dr David S Moore OBE TD

Master 2006/7

Dr David S Moore OBE, Past Master 2006/7
Dr David S Moore OBE

In 2006, Dr David S Moore OBE, TD was elected Master.  During this year Freeman Antony Farnath kindly presented the Guild with a staff for the Beadle’s use and, with ingenuity, the Clerk had the staff divided into two so that it could be carried easily and safely through the streets of London and, equally importantly, the upper half could be used as a mace when the Court is in session.  Professor Adrian Smith (Queen Mary, London) presented the Franklin Lecture ‘Making Mathematics Count’ and the Election Dinner Guest Speaker was Mr M Goldring (Voluntary Service Overseas).  

2006 was the year when the Sponsoring Alderman, Alderman John Suttard, was elected Lord Mayor and, for the first time, the Guild took part in the Lord Mayor’s Show processing in full academic dress.  The new Lord Mayor made the Guild’s Trust Fund a beneficiary of his Lord Mayor’s Appeal which, a year later enabled the Fund to meet its financial targets as set by the City of London Corporation and thus to achieve Company-without-Livery and the full Livery status.  His generosity contributed greatly to the speedy development of the Company. In addition, the Guild’s officers were privileged to participate in a number of the events associated with the Lord Mayor-making – a truly memorable time.  

 During this year, in anticipation of his Mastership, Dr Warren retired as Administrator of Livery Schools Link having served very successfully and he was succeeded by Mr David W Taylor.  There was also another very successful Public Speaking Competition organised by Freeman Mrs Pamela Taylor.  During this year the Guild adopted John Baptist de la Salle (1651 – 1719), Patron Saint of Schoolteachers and a brief biography was published in the Educator.