Company Dinners

Formal dinners held every 2-3 months are the heart of many Livery Companies. Providing and opportunity to put on finery, share good food and wine, all in a convivial atmosphere. In the Educators we usually precede these dinners with a Court Meeting (formal business) and an Admission Ceremony for new Freemen and Liverymen. Most of our dinners are held at Painters’ Hall where we are well catered for by Life’s Kitchen.

Election and Awards dinner conversation in Painters Hall
Election and Awards dinner conversation in Painters Hall

Overview of events

Installation Dinner – This is an important point in the year when the new Master and other officers are installed and the members get to hear what has been happening during the Annual Assembly (AGM). Held in June.

Annual Service and dinner  – A church service is held between the Court and the Admission ceremonies where Thanksgiving is expressed for all those who have supported the Company over the years. Held in September.

City Celebration dinner – this is a relatively new part of the programme and is not preceded by a Court although there is usually an Admission Ceremony. This dinner aims to focus on the City traditions and not just education. The speaker has thus far been an Alderman or Common Councilman member of the Company. Held in November.

Franklin Lecture – This event has held many forms including being followed by a banquet however in recent times members have said they prefer to have an opportunity to discuss the lecture and so it has been held in conjunction with a reception.

Election and Awards dinner – Whilst this is the moment that the election results for the new appointments are announced the real focus is the Educators Trust and the Awards they offer to educators who have excelled in their field.


The Loving cup
The Loving cup

As you can see from the pictures Educators wear gowns over their dinner suits and dresses. Formal dinners also include toasts, Loving Cups and occasionally rose bowls.

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Customs of the City and Company – last updated 11 July 2018