Become a Liveryman

If you find the Company to your liking, you have been a Freeman for one year and gained Freedom of the City of London (see below), you can increase your contribution to the Company by applying to become a Liveryman.

Liverymen Gloria McGregor and Sandra Holt with Freeman Elizabeth Singh
Liverymen Gloria McGregor and Sandra Holt with Freeman Elizabeth Singh

This entitles you to be nominated for the Court and become a Warden and Master in time. You will also be entitled to attend Common Hall and vote for the Lord Mayor and his or her Sheriffs.

Once clothed as  a Liveryman you should wear a Livery pin on your gown to distinguish yourself from Freemen. Click on the link below and save the file to your device before editing. It is helpful if you can save the form as simply your name e.g. Susan McGregor

Application for Transfer to the Livery 11-04-17

Freedom of the City of London

To gain Freedom of the City of London you need to make an appointment with the Chamberlain’s Court via email or call on 020 7332 3055.

At this time you will need to produce (1) Your Freedom of the Educators certificate (2) Identity documents (they will tell you what they need). They currently charge £100 and you will probably be required to pay this at this time. If they are satisfied then you make another appointment for the formal ceremony which takes about half an hour and you will receive a certificate at this time. You may also purchase other items that indicate you are Free of the City of London. You can take along family and friends.