History of the Trust

In accordance with the tradition of the City of London Livery Companies, the Company of Educators has a separate charitable fund (Charity Reg. No. 1104355).


The Objects of the Charitable Trust are as follows

  • to support, by appropriate means, the development of the profession of educator;
  • to recognise excellence and innovation by educators by the provision of awards;
  • to support discussions, debates, seminars and meetings on matters relevant to educators and, where appropriate, to produce and circulate reports.

The Trust Fund

Once the Charitable Trust was established, the first task of the Trustees was to create an endowment fund, the interest on which would enable the development of charitable activities. A target of £300,000 was set, this being also the minimum sum required for the then Guild of Educators to fulfil its aspiration to become a Livery Company. Thanks to the generosity of Freemen Educators, this target sum was reached at the end of March 2012. Charitable activity began in 2009 with the first presentation of awards to educators. See below for further development in the Educators’ Awards programme. The Trustees continue to raise funds for development of charitable activities in line with the Objects of the Trust.