Multi Academy Trust (SIG MAT)


With growth and development of many kinds of Multi-Academy Trust schools and various federated governance arrangements the SIG MAT seeks to support Educators to understand and critically engage in the current developments and challenges for MATs and to create a community to discuss and share good practice, expertise and offer advice and support them. It also aims to help Educators involved with the work of MATs to promote best practice in governance, leadership and academic excellence, financial probity, strategy and growth for MATs in the context of the wider school sectors. The SIG seeks to engage actively with other Liveries working on their own MATs and to encourage Educators to be more involved in school governance. For more information contact the SIG Lead.


Open to all in the Company with an interest or expertise to offer, and particularly those involved in the delivery of education through Multi-Academic Trust settings.  Typically, there is an event each term which often includes visiting speakers from key figures working in or with MATs and especially those involved in associated policy development . The SIG presently holds meetings and discussion sessions online via zoom and may meet physically and arrange visits to MATs in due course.   

SIG LEAD:  Norman Rose 

If you are interested in joining this SIG or receiving more information about it, please contact the SIG Lead above or the SIG Co-ordinator


See Company Calendar  for activities in the current year, with further Zoom meetings planned for 2022. 


9 December 2020 – SIG MAT launch – Chaired by the SIG Lead the zoom session involved a discussion about the future work and programming of the SIG.  


Material available from SIG Lead on request. The SIG MAT events are currently via Zoom and recorded. Please contact the Clerk on for access.